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Email Creation At Speed and Scale

The world's most powerful email creation platform built for the enterprise

No Coding

Create beautiful emails without having to rely on designers or developers.

Interactive Content

With modules that respond to user input, email content acts like a mini-website, keeping users engaged and informed.

Agile teams

You choose who can create, who edit, who can approve and who can send. All with an easy to use communication tool to keep everyone on the same page

Always on brand

Based on your color palate, and customized pre-approved modules, emails are always in line with your messaging.

Reduce your email creation costs

Create campaigns in minutes not days

Easy to use content creation tools

Drag and drop template builder for speed and scale

Our easy to use drag and drop WYSIWYG editor preloaded with customized modules, lets you talk to your customers without having to rely on designers or developers.

An interactive content suite to increases open and click rates

With elements that can change as the user interacts with them, or update from one open to the next, keep your list engaged and bring them back to convert.

Collaborate with your team

Add team members and control what they can do.

Do your departments have different marketing needs? Set up teams with access to different templates, different customisation options, and different approval requirements.

Complete the feedback and approval process. Fast.

A powerful process guiding tool for proofing, commenting and approval. Give rapid feedback on draft emails and require a manager’s tick before anyone can hit “send”.

Stay on brand. Everytime.

Set brand governance rules and send with confidence.

Access your ‘brand dictionary’ and all saved assets so you never have to recreate anything from scratch

Seamless integrations with most ESP's

Whatever the platform, MashrMail fits right in.

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